Yay Images is a stock image website. It offers a large collection of high-quality, royalty-free images, vectors, and videos. The website was founded in 2015. 


Yay Images’ library of assets includes over 12 million premium assets. Including 200,000+ HD videos, 2,000,000+ vectors, and 11,000,000+ images & audio. The website also offers a lot of advanced search features.


Yay Images is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. The website’s large library of assets. It can help businesses create visually appealing marketing materials. Such as website designs, social media posts, and print ads. The website’s commercial licenses also give businesses.

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So let’s get started.

Yay Images – 12M+ Royalty-free Stock Photos, Vectors/Graphics

What is Yay Images


If you need such a software. There will be millions of copyright free images, audio and video. Then yay image software is best for you.

This is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes. The website’s large library of high-quality assets. Affordable pricing. User-friendly interfaces make it a cost effective option for businesses.

How Yay Images  Work 

This software works by allowing users to search through its vast library of assets. And download the ones they need. The website offers a lot of search filters. Including keyword search, color search, and people search. Users can also create project folders to organize their assets.

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Here I have tried to explain to you how this software works.


Go to the Yay Images website and create an account. Search for the assets you need using the search bar or filters. Visit the assets to make sure they are what you need. Click the “Download” icon to download the asset. Use the asset for any purpose, including commercial use.

Pros And Cons Using Yay Images 


Each software has its pros and cons. But if we know these in advance then we will get a better idea about that software. So let’s know some pros and cons of this software.


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