Udimi Review In 2023 Update

Udimi Review

If you want to buy solo ads and you are thinking about Udimi is the place to buy your solo ads.

and If you are curious to know whether Udimi can deliver quality solo ads then this article is for you.

This article will show you all the details you need to know about buying solo ads from Udimi.

Many marketers believe that buying solo ads is a risky venture there are many cases when buyers have been scammed by different social media platforms posing as solo ad vendors.

The people have fallen victim to paying for fake clicks and traffic by bots. For this reason, every marketer always looks for the best place to buy solo ads and Udimi is one of the trusted marketplaces for solo ads. You can read more software reviews.

What Are Solo Ads?

Here’s an example that will help you to know what are solo ads.

Let’s think that you have a product to sell and you have to reach 1000 people by email to sell your product if you don’t have that many email addresses in your contact list you have to give this job to someone who has these addresses in their contact list.


You have to write your email and give it to the person who has the large email list and he will send your email to all his contacts. This type of person is called a solo ads vendor or seller and this type of ad is called solo ads.

What Is Udimi?


Udimi is one of the most popular marketplaces for solo ads. It is a platform that gives you the opportunity to meet with solo ad vendors easily and make your purchase with verified vendors only.

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Udimi is not only the most popular solo ad market place it is also the only major online platform which is dedicated to the sale and purchase of solo ads.

How Does Udimi Works?

If you want to buy solo ads Udimi helps you to find the best fit by connecting you to a seller. You can know about all the details including their history, rating, and even feedback from previous buyers who did business with them.

Udimi allows legit sellers to their site and this also demands that all buyers be verified too.

For this reason, vendors and buyers trust the platform.

Buying Your First Solo Ads

After Signup an account in Udimi, you can buy your solo ads by clicking on find seller at the top of the page.

The website will open a page that will show you the list of sellers with some filter options at the top. The filter has many options like price, niche, ratings, got sales, and last seen.

This will help you to find the best sellers that capture your target audience and goals. Udimi will give you more information about the seller you will find some useful details besides each seller’s name like the history of transactions with other buyers and it will also give you information about their quoted price per click.

After selecting a vendor Udimi shows their bio page where you can make an order and there is also a slider that gives you the option to choose the number of clicks you want. If you want you can know other information about the seller by checking their bio. Mostly every seller’s bio contains information about which countries they get their clicks from.

This information will help you to know if they will reach your target audience.

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How To Get The Best Solo Ads Vendors On Udimi

Its filters will help to select the vendor that best fits your needs. But you have to know how to use each filter to get the most out of it.


The price selecting option is in the filters section which will help you to find the best ads in your budget. The price is usually between 35 cents to 95 cents per click. However, if you want the best result to choose between 40 to 70 cents. But what matters most is not the pricing of the clicks but the quality of the clicks.


Here’s A Question How Does You Confirm The Quality Of The Clicks?

The answer is very simple before you make your final decision test the vendor. At first, you should buy only 100 clicks first after that if you get up to 25 –30 opt-ins from those 100 clicks then you can buy more clicks from him.


But sometimes you will get a bad result but that doesn’t mean that vendor is bad, it may indicate that the audience he provided you are not your target audience, or maybe your sales funnel is not good enough.


Udimi Pricing:

Udimi has a paid version called Udimi prime. This platform of Udimi is more advanced and has many advanced filters which will help you to filter fake and useless clicks Udimi prime will give you the opportunity to get 50% commission on every referral you make and there is also a commission for you if your referral subscribes to the prime package beside that you will also get 15% commission for every solo they buy.


Is Udimi Worth It?

This is a very important question for every marketing stagger .there are many user reviews that show that you can make a lot of profits by using the platform.

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But most of the time profit depends on how well you select your vendor. The sales copy in the solo ad is also very crucial for your success.

You have to write a very compelling copy that will generate leads or make you sales. Some marketers give this job to their vendors and this isn’t the best practice for success.

There are plenty of options where you can hire a freelance copywriter to do it. Good sales copy has a huge potential for your success.



  • Verification of every buyer and seller
  • The reviews and rating system allows you to know about each vendor and gives you full information to make your choice.
  • There is a payment protection service for buyers.


  • There’s a need for expansion in vendors’ operation niches.
  • The number of vendors for most b2b niches is very low.
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. What is Udimi good for?

Ans: Udimi is good for buying solo ads and reaching your target audience by email.

     2. Who can maximize the benefits of solo ads?

Ans: People who need to reach a lot of people by email can benefit from solo ads.

    3. Is Udimi legit?

Ans: Udimi is one of the most trusted and legit sites and it keeps all vendors and buyers legit.

    4. Udimi free?

Ans: Yes, you can use Udimi for free but there is a paid version that has more features.


If you are still thinking about whether Udimi is right for you here’s an answer is very simple Udimi is the most trusted site for buying solo ads and it is a legit platform. But if your niche is not popular among the vendors there is a high chance you may need to do some cold emailing and strike a deal with someone who has the audience you need.


Udimi will give you a 5$ bonus for signing up to Udimi and there is no subscription fee for buying solo ads. The Udimi will give you is totally optional.


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