TubeBuddy Review In 2023

TubeBuddy Review In 2023

TubeBuddy is a chrome extension for managing YouTube channels and optimizing videos. It is actually a video marketing and management solution.

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is one of the best and well known YouTube marketing software. This platform allows its user to create embed codes for adding playlists easily. This TubeBuddy platform also has features like responding to comments in bulk, identifying comments from new subscribers, add emoticons to descriptions or titles using the unified dashboard.

Actually, this TubeBuddy is a program that will help users to manage and scale their YouTube channel success. This platform has numerous features that will make your video marketing super efficient and easy.

How Does TubeBuddy Work?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension. If you install this browser extension it will appear in your YouTube account like a menu.

TubeBuddy Features-

Here are some most useful features of TubeBuddy-

Video Tag List: TubeBuddy has a very useful feature of creating and saving a list of tags for the future. This feature will save its user from typing each and every tag manually.

The Tag Sorter: This tag sorter feature utilizes the best suitable tags from the keyword tool so users can put them at the beginning of their video tag list. It is essential for optimizing YouTube SEO efforts.

Embedding Options: TubeBuddy has lots of embedding options for both videos and playlists. The most useful options TubeBuddy provides you are-

  • You can customize the appearance of your embedded videos.
  • There is a force-closed caption inserting option.
  • The user has the option of disabling play controls
  • TubeBuddy can ensure your videos loop automatically
  • It can enable JavaScript API.

Publish To Facebook:

TubeBuddy will allow you to publish videos to your Facebook automatically from YouTube. This is a very helpful feature. Without this feature, you will have to paste your YouTube link or you will have to re-upload the video. TubeBuddy allows you to post your videos as a native fakebook video rather than a YouTube video. For this reason, you can get the benefits of Facebook videos like auto-play.

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Tubebuddy A/B Testing: This feature helps you to test various features. You can easily see which video titles, tags, and thumbnail imaginaries have the best result with the help of this tool.

Quick Edit Toolbar: This quick edit toolbar is a very useful and time-saving feature of tube buddy. It will help you to edit your videos faster. You can click on every thumbnail of the videos that you want to edit.

Canned Responses: TubeBuddy can save your time by replying to common comments. It will reduce your labor and time for writing the same response to the YouTube comments. This feature will reply quicker to FAQS.

Best Time To Publish:

TubeBuddy is designed with a very special algorithm that will help you to know the best possible time to publish your videos for the best possible engagement with your audience. Its algorithm can understand the YouTube algorithm so it can calculate the exact time and date which will be best for video publishing.

Card Templates And End Screen Templates: TubeBuddy will help you to save cards and templates which you can use in your future videos easily. This can also save end screen templates. TubeBuddy also explicitly utilizes end screens.

GIF Generator Tool: You can create and use GIFs within a specific part of an upload with the help of this GIF-creating tool.

Emoji Picker Tool: Emojis are the key element to make your video title more attractive. Tubebuddy Will help you to find suitable emojis for your titles easily.

Common Filter Tool: Common filter tool will help you to find your desirable comment that you want to reply to personally. The common filter will help to filter comments like-

  • Comment which has a specific question.
  • It has positive feedback.
  • Unresponded comments.
  • Containing profanity.

Notification Commenting Tool:

YouTube has disabled its notification commenting feature. But luckily you can reply to the notification with the help of TubeBuddy.

Brand Alerts Tool: The brand alerts tool will monitor to find videos, channels, and playlists that pertain to your channel. This will help you to know what kind of reputation you are creating for yourself among the YouTube community.

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Thumbnail Generator: TubeBuddy will help you to save thumbnail templates which will help you to create professional thumbnails quickly. It will help you to preserve your brand consistency.

Upload Check List:

We have to do some specific things every time we upload a video.TubeBuddy has a checklist feature. You will not forget any steps because of this checklist. You can set a checklist of works and it will work as a reminder for you.

Demonetization Audit Tool: This feature will help you to find anything in your titles, tags, and descriptions which could result in a loss of revenue.

Export Comments Tool: With the help of the export comments tool, you can transfer your YouTube comments to a CVS file and you can review and analyze them any time you want.

Health Report Tool: You will get a clear view of what’s working and what isn’t working with the help of this tool. This tool analyzes your audience demography, retention rates, and traffic which is essential for knowing the results of your actions. It kind of information is a very crucial part of the better optimization of your videos.

Real-Time Sub Count: This feature will help you to know whether you losing or gaining subscribers.

Social Media Monitor: You can track and know about people’s discussions about your channel uploads.

Auto Translate:

This feature will be very useful for brands with an international audience. it will translate your uploaded titles and descriptions into the necessary languages.

Best Practice Audit: This feature will help you to know about any broken links in your description and prompts you to insert keywords in your titles, tags, and description.

Opportunity Finder Promotion Tool: This feature of TubeBuddy will provide you with actionable advice on how to increase your reach and boost your brand. It will save you time searching for promotional opportunities.

Search Explorer: This feature will help you to select high-converting keywords.

Playlist Action: You can organize your playlist with the help of this feature.

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Competitor Scorecard: This feature will be essential for knowing what are the competitors doing well and what are the things competitors are not doing well for a better strategy. it will compare your channel with others for better knowledge about competitors.

Description Promotion: It will Allow You to promote your videos in all the descriptions of other videos.

Pick A Winner: This feature will help you in your promotional activities by choosing a randomly picked winner from all the commentators of your promotional contest.

Channel Access: TubeBuddy will allow you to share your YouTube account with others. This will help you if you have a small team working together.

Channel Backup: This feature stores all the videos’ metadata away from YouTube. It will help you to recover your channel.


There are 3 types of options available

  1. Pro: – 9$/month (billed monthly) / 7.2$/month (billed annually)
  2. Star: – 19$/month (billed monthly)/15.2$/month (billed yearly)
  3. Legend: – 49$/month (billed monthly) / 39.20$/month (billed yearly)
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  • TubeBuddy is a very comprehensive tool and it is full of rich and useful features.
  • It is a very easy and user-friendly tool.
  • Allows you to spy on competitors.
  • Which has a free option which is also full of useful features.
  • Its price is very reasonable.


  • It will work with only one channel.
  • You will not be able to use advanced features on the basic plan
  • There is a lack of customer service.
  • It is only available for pcs


  1. Can I Use Tubebuddy For Free ?



Ans: YES.






Ans: NO.


Ans: YES.

Conclusion: TubeBuddy is one of the greatest browser extension tools for YouTube marketing available in the market. Its features are unbeatable and TubeBuddy offers a lot of features. It will be a very useful tool for almost every type of YouTube marketer.

Fusioo is the best management tool for small businesses because it offers these. It will provide you with a custom dashboard. From there, you can monitor and control your business efficiently. The best alternative for Airtble is Fuisoo.

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