Do you want to make money online from home?

Are you thinking of a Passive income?

Don’t have any skills or you are a beginner but you want to know about affiliate marketing or CPA marketing but you are not getting the right guideline ???

 If you are thinking about these topics then this article is for you. And if you want a complete idea about affiliate marketing, read this article. After reading this you understand A-Z about Affiliate or CPA marketing and start working if you want.


There will be no confusion about making money online including marketing In sha Allah. It was 2016 when I was a university student. I was interested in working on “DIGITAL MARKETING”. Again and again, I get frustrated with the lack of proper guidelines. But I have not stopped, I am moving forward in the hope of success, in sha Allah now I am close to success. But I can not say that I am successful, because I want to go far ….. In sha Allah.

I will discuss with you those things exactly the way I have worked. In 2021 I do the course of lazuk Hasan Bhai online. At first, watch the free videos and start working. I don’t know how far I can go, but I will travel a long distance in sha Allah. You can also watch the videos by registering for free if you want.

Complete the work step by step, I hope you will succeed in sha Allah.

Section -1:

1. Learn Some Basic Things: Some Questions And Answers For Affiliate or CPA Marketing-

   1. What Is Affiliate Marketing ??

Ans: In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a earning commission by selling other people’s products. To become an affiliate marketer, companies that have affiliate programs first register. You have to choose the product or service of the company and as a result, you get an affiliate link. Then you will be promoted to this link in different ways. If that product or service is sold through your affiliate link, the company will pay you a certain commission.


   2. Why Do You Do Affiliate Marketing ??

Ans: The main reason is possible lifetime income from here if you can promote the links in any way. Because there is an offer of recurring income in affiliate marketing.


   3. What Is CPA Marketing?

Ans: CPA = Cost Per Action. Works like affiliate marketing but you don’t have to sell products here, you just have to bring leads, you will get commission only if someone submits an email through your link.


   4. How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Ans: There are two ways to do affiliate marketing:

        A. Affiliate Marketplace:  Affiliate Marketing This program is very profitable, as a result of which many marketplaces have been created in the world, that list their products in the marketplace with products from different vendors or companies. Some affiliate marketplace is-

  • Impact Radius
  • Amazon
  • Clickbank
  • JVZoo etc.

There are many marketplaces where you can earn money by affiliate marketing with their services.

      B. Individual Company: Affiliate Program Companies that offer the opportunity to affiliate their products through their own tracking system. Such companies build their own tracking platform and allow affiliate marketers to work with them. Here are some affiliate programs-

  • Clickfunnels
  • Thrive Themes
  • Amazon
  • GetResponse
  • Clickmagick
  • Invedio etc.

There are many individual companies where you can earn money by affiliate marketing with their services.


   5. How Is The Affiliate Marketing Commission?

Ans: Many people of us do not know, what the commission of affiliate marketing is. Let’s find out before starting work- We know that any product can be of two types. Physical products and digital products. Affiliate marketing also has physical products and digital products. So you can work with two types of products. We need to know where and what kind of commission is paid, and what is better to work with physical or digital products.


      A. Physical Product: Physical means maybe guessing that’s physical. Yes, that’s right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings. For example, refrigerator, computer. If you affiliate a fridge or computer then your buyer will use that product physically. And here the issue of physical product delivery is involved this is physical products. The commission of the physical product is less, it may be (5-30)%, Therefore, if the company sells the product, you will get (5-30)% commission.

      B. Digital Products: Products that you can use digitally. Such as any software, ebook, video course, any digital service, etc. The commission level of digital products is much better (up to 50-60%). Sometimes up to 100% commission is also available. There is no hassle of delivery of the original product, it is delivered online. This means that if you can sell 1 product for $100, the income will be $ 50 with a 50% commission.


Not only that, here the product has to be subscribed monthly / year, so once you can sell the product, you get a commission every month. As a result, a Passive Income is generated. That’s why I work with digital products, you can start with them if you want. If you face any problem at work, please contact me. You will get the solution in sha Allah.


   6. Which Should I Start With Affiliate or CPA ??

Ans: You can start working with anyone, but my advice would be to start with an Affiliate. Then the CPA.


2. Select A Nishe:

Niche is a product that you will work with. Maybe health, gaming, traveling, making money online, etc. I work with Make Money online niche because there are fewer competitors here. You can also work with it if you want. If you pay close attention to my website, you can see how easy it is to promote a product.  Details can be read here…


You Need To Know To Do Affiliate Marketing-

Many people think that to spend a lot of time doing affiliate marketing, but I assume that no more time if you gather proper knowledge about marketing. One of the things you need to know about the product you are going to market with, and you need to develop skills about some things.

  • Basic SEO
  • Basic WordPress
  • English (Basic Knowledge)
  • Email marketing

The habit of writing a little (of course no one’s writing can be copied, it will have a bad/bad effect on your website. But you can take the idea)

Minimum 2 hours per day for free traffic and 3/4 hours for paid traffic Etc. Even if you know a little bit about things, you can go ahead.


   7. Want To Do Affiliate Marketing But Invest ??

Ans: I say that is not a lie at all. Because you don’t need too much investment if you spend 3/4 hours a day. However, it is true that if you do not want to spend more time, you have to invest more, because then you have to generate paid traffic.


  • Own 1 website (2500-2600 $ per year)
  • Site Design (Free, if you have a basic idea about WordPress)
  • Website article (free, if you know basic English and have a writing habit)
  • Traffic Generation (from Free, SEO, and Social Media)
  • Email marketing (there are two types of free and paid)

This means that you can start affiliate marketing only if you have only $50 or 4000 tk per year.



The essential element for affiliate marketing-

   1. Payment Solution: Hopefully, here we will succeed In sha Allah. Succeeding means we will have dollar income, and we have to make this dollar ourselves. For this, we need an international bank account and a bank account in a Bangladeshi bank. From here we can make bank accounts-

  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Credit card

The most important is the pioneer account. Because here you can have a free account, for this you will need to have a voter ID card, driving license, or passport. And you have to have an account in any bank of Bangladesh. When you set up an account here, they will give you 1 USA bank account and we will be able to take payment through that bank account in the affiliate network.

There is no tension. Here is a good solution to this problem. When the payment from the network will come to your pioneer account, your Bangladeshi bank account can be connected to your pioneer account. And you will get money directly from Pioneer in your bank.


   2. Account in Marketplace: After selecting Niche, create an account in various marketplaces related to Niche. I would suggest you create an account from jvzoo at this link

From here you will find the list in the marketplace. Affiliate Marketplace:– (even if you don’t have an account)

CPA Marketplace: –

   3. Work With Your Domain And Hosting: A website is a combination of domain and hosting. To create a website, you need to take the services of domain and hosting. You can work with free blogs if you want, but I would say buy a domain and hosting and work with your own website. This will give you more benefits. The reason-

  • When more and more traffic/visitors come to the website,
  • You can earn from AdSense if you want.
  • You can give many affiliate links to each article.
  • Authority remains. Sales funnel available.

Many companies provide domains and hosting. You can buy domains and hosting from this site if you want. Some domain and hosting companies are-

  1. Namecheap
  2. HostGator
  3. Bluehost
  4. GoDaddy

Website Design: After buying a domain and hosting you will need a website design. It can be done in two ways-

  • With coding and
  • With a WordPress theme,

You can do it with anyone you want. If you have good knowledge about coding, you can design the website with coding and if you do not have knowledge about coding, you can easily design the site professionally using a WordPress theme. There are three types of WordPress themes:

     A. Free Theme: You can register for free and work with a free theme. But it doesn’t work very well.

     B. Premium Theme: It is a paid theme. You can work with it if you want. I personally work with a premium theme. From here you can see the premium themes.

     C. Custom Themes: Coding is designed and does not cost any money. If you know a lot about coding, then you can create a design of your choice.

   4. Create a sales funnel: The page through which the product is promoted is called sales funnel. Traffic Data can be easily collected through this page. Different companies provide this service. It has both free and paid. I have the services of Thrive architect, you can take their services if you want. There are some recommended sales funnel software-

  • Thrive architect.
  • Clickfunnel.
  • Elementor.

For details read here


   5. Email Followup (Email Marketing): Email marketing is an important part of affiliate marketing. Email marketing is the most powerful way to build a good relationship with a subscriber. Different companies offer this service. It has both free and paid. I use GetResponse, you can use it if you want.

The funny thing is they have affiliate programs, you can work with their affiliate programs if you want-

  • Getresponse.
  • MailerLite
  • Mailchimp
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber

   6.Tracker: Tracker lets you know where the traffic/visitors came from and how they came to our sales page, and later they can be followed up via email. Different companies provide this service. It has both free and paid.

   7. Promotion or Generate Traffic: When all of your previous steps are done, now your target is to start traffic generate. And promote affiliate or CPA  affiliate links. It can be promoted in two ways – free or paid. The medium can be Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Google Ad, etc. How you can generate more traffic?


   8. Income: If all the work is done, then your income will start in sha Allah. Contact me if any need, I will cooperate as much as I can In sha Allah. If you want, you can make a website like this website then you contact me.


FAG (Frequently Asked Questions)

   1. How Much Money Can Be Earned By Affiliate Marketing?

Ans: According to 2020 estimates, affiliate commissions in the USA alone generate 6.7 billion annually. There are many marketers who are earning 50 thousand to 1 lakh dollars per month only through affiliate marketing. However, if you want, you can easily earn 1000-3000 dollars here. It will depend on your skill and hard work.

If you give your regular 3/4 hours of skill development, then after 1.5-2 years you will be able to earn 1000-3000 dollars in sha Allah, if you did not come back in the middle point.

  • You have to go with the target,100 $ in the next 3/4 months from today.
  • Then 100$ per month in 2/3 months
  • And then 500 per month after 12 month. This way you can increase your target more.

It will depend on your work to move slowly with the target in this way.


2. What Are Type Of Affiliate Income?

Ans: There are two main types of affiliate marketing:

  1. Active income
  2. Passive income


   3. What Is Active Income?

Ans: Active income is a fixed amount of time and a fixed price for a job. For example, a company job because there is a job, there is a salary, but there is no job, there is no salary. Your salary depends on your hard work. Then Commission/payment is available.


   4. What Is Passive Income?

Ans: Passive income is a type of income where your income will continue to grow at an uninterrupted pace. Example: You build a house and if you rent that house, your income will continue to come every month. But at first, you made a home with a lot of effort.

But now you do not have to work. But you are earning income from there without any extra work. Passive income is possible through affiliate marketing.


   5. How Much Time Do You Have To Spend On Affiliate Marketing?

Ans: It will depend on you because you need to develop your skills in proportion to what you want to earn, give time and generate traffic. It will take more time for free traffic and less time for paid traffic. In my opinion for free traffic, every day 3/4 hours is enough for you. And if you work with a paid traffic source, you can start your affiliate marketing business with just 1 hour a day.


   6. How Much Money Does It Take To Invest?

Ans: The less time you can invest, the less time you have to invest, and the more time you have to invest in paid traffic. If you have a tight budget, you can start your own business with just 50$. But if you ask me about the standard budget, I would say that if you have a budget of 500$, you can easily start a business.


   7. How Many Days After I Can Make Income?

Ans: It is very difficult to say how long it will take you to start earning income. Because each person’s talent and skill is different so it will depend on you. But yes, from my experience, if you give me at least 6 months, you can do something good from here. Of course, you have to stick and work, you can’t be disappointed.


   8. What Is a Cookies Policy?

Ans: In Affiliate Marketing or CPA Marketing, the cookies policy is a funny thing about marketing. When you send a visitor to your affiliate link, some code is stored in that visitor’s web browser (which is your affiliate link). If the visitor comes back after visiting the site without buying any product from your affiliate link, but later if the visitor buys any product from that visited site then you will get the product commission.

The subject is very interesting, isn’t it ?? This is the function of cookies. Depending on the company, the cookie file is active in the affiliate program for 30 days to 1 year. If the visitor does not buy the product at that time and buys the product from that website at any other time, then that sale will be calculated through your affiliate link. (But only if the cookie file is stored in his browser) Most affiliate programs have cookies active for 30 days to 1 year.


However, if the visitor removes his browser’s history files and cookies files, you will not receive a commission.


   9. Is Affiliate Marketing The Same As Affiliate Link ??

Ans: No, it is completely different. In affiliate marketing, unique separate links are created for all marketers and through that link, the company can track sales and pay commission to the affiliate marketers.


   10. How To Generate More And More Sells?

Ans: If you have a website, you must do keyword research. Research all those keywords and find out all the keywords. The products are sold more. Then provide the link of the product right in the middle of that text. You will see that the sales are growing.


   11. Why Many People Dislike It?

Ans: The main reason for this is the lack of proper guidelines. Because they watch a few videos about affiliate marketing on YouTube or any other platform without knowing it well, open an account in a marketplace and then copy the affiliate link and share the links on social media. This business model does not work and then stops working. This is why many people do not like affiliate marketing.