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Postoplan is a social media marketing automation software. Which helps businesses to save time and grow your audience. With this software, you can easily create, time map, and publish posts. Like multiple social media platforms. Track your results, and analyze your performance. Postoplan also offers a lot of features to help you optimize your social media marketing. Such as AI-powered content creation. 

This article we can find out how this software can be of great use to us. So let’s see how the complete article will be useful for you.

What is Postoplan


Postoplan provides you with ideas for posts. As well as an AI-powered editor. Which can help you create stunning visuals in minutes. You can schedule posts to be published at specific times. So you don’t worry about logging in to each platform every day. You can set up this to automatically post content based on a lot of criteria. Like,  time of day, day of week, or even the weather. This software provides you with detailed reports on your social media activity. So you can see what’s working and what’s not working. This software also can help you to improve your social media marketing results. And providing you with detailed reports on your activity.

How Postoplan Work


The first step is to sign up for a Postoplan account. This can be done on this website. Once you have signed up for an account You can set up your calendar. This includes adding your business hours. creating appointment types, and setting up payment options. This software  allows you to manage bookings for events. This includes approving or declining bookings. Sending confirmation emails, and managing waitlists. Once you have set up your calendar.  You can start scheduling appointments. You can do this by adding appointments manually. Importing them from a CSV file. This integrates with a lot of payment processors. So you can accept payments for appointments and bookings. This  provides you with reports and analytics about your appointments. So you can track your performance and make improvements. 

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Pros And Cons Using Postoplan



  • Postoplan offers a lot of powerful features. To help you schedule and manage your social media posts.


  • This allows you to schedule posts in advance. So you can free up your time and focus on other sectors.


  • Detailed analytics about your social media posts. So you can track their performance and make necessary adjustments.


  • Collaborate with other team members on social media posts.




  • This software design is simple and straightforward. Which some users may find limiting.


  • The software does not have a mobile app.


Important For User Business


Postoplan can help businesses to save time and money. Automating their booking process. With this, businesses can create online booking forms. Set availability, and accept payments all in one place. This can free up staff time to focus on other tasks.

This can help businesses to improve customer satisfaction. Providing a convenient and easy to use booking process. Customers can book appointments 24/7. And they will receive confirmation emails and reminders. This can help to reduce the number of no-shows. And cancellations, and it can also help to improve customer loyalty.

This software can help businesses to increase sales. By making it easier for customers to book appointments. With this, businesses can create attractive booking forms. Which highlight their products or services. They can also set up email marketing campaigns to remind customers. About upcoming appointments. This can help to increase the number of appointments booked. Which can lead to increased sales.

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Postoplan  Features


Unlimited addition of used hashtags: Postoplan allows you to add unlimited hashtags to your posts on social media. This can help you to reach a long audience and increase engagement with your content.


Unlimited communication: Send unlimited messages to customers on Facebook and Instagram Business. This can help you to provide excellent customer service. And keep your customers engaged.


Configure the design of the interface: This software allows you to customize the design of the interface. You can change the colors, fonts, and layout of the interface. To create a unique look and feel.


Calendar with dates and holidays: Create a calendar with dates and holidays. This can help you to keep track of important dates and plan your social media marketing.


Project user roles: Project user roles Postoplan allows you to assign different roles to users on a project. This can help you to manage permissions. And ensure that users only have access to the data and features that they need.

More than 1 photo in post: More than 1 photo in post post many photos in a single post on social media. This can help you to create more appealing and engaging content.

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