Best SEO Strategy For E-commerce Website with SheerSEO

SEO Most popular SEO software is SheerSEO which automates your SEO efforts. 

SheerSEO contains all the professional features of other SEO software solutions and it is built for business owners who are not professional SEOs.


The globally most extensive SEO platform is SheerSEO. It grants you the opportunity to explore your keyword and backlinks. Despite that, you can monitor your website. SheerSEO is the best SEO strategy for an e-commerce website. It supports you to automate position tracking and available search results on Bing, YouTube, and Google.

All you need is SheerSEO.

Hey, content writer. I am Mijanur Rahman. Here, I will discuss SheerSEO – is the best SEO strategy for an e-commerce website. You can also read WordHero best AI Generator Tools.

SheerSEO is the best option in contrast to Semrush and Ahrefs.

SheerSEO would be excellent for SMBs, organizations, and SEO proficient who need a simple-to-utilize SEO stage that assists with improving their system and keeping high levels of contenders. It is the best SEO strategy for an e-commerce website that permits you to follow, examine, and report your query item positioning.

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Likewise, you can monitor your resistance to SEO execution and examination backlinks and keywords.

SheerSEO Features

Getting to the leading ten aftereffects of the SERPs is excessively basic. You ought to know first about SEO, then, at that point, improve and screen your action quickly.

Here you will get 20+ elements that will assist you with further developing your SEO procedure.

Rank Tracking: Utilizing SheerSEO you can naturally follow your positioning on web search tools, for example, Google and Bing, and video-sharing stages like YouTUBE.

You don’t need to recall massive keywords that are challenging to retain. You can understand the situation entirely of your keyword positioning with each significant element.

Keyword Explorer SheerSEO

 SheerSEO lets you distinguish your center keyword because it’s genuinely significant. You will get a “keyword Finder” that assists you with opening gigantic amounts of data about your keyword. SheerSEO assists you with investigating the expected keyword effortlessly.

Traffic Estimation: SheerSEO will gather inserted data regarding your possible keyword and give an assessed month-to-month search volume. You will get two sections that assist you with assessing regular traffic on your keyword.

The ‘search Volume’ section demonstrates the aggregate sum of searches accomplished for every keyword.

The ‘Assessed Clicks’ section shows a gauge of the momentum visit you ought to get from the watchword in light of the position and the month-to-month search volume

SEO Site Audit:

You will confront numerous specialized SEO mistakes on the site, like no title, wrong depictions, or low record content.

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However, you can’t fix those blunders without knowing where the issues happen. Web optimization web page Audit permits your website page to recognize the blunders as a whole, obviously featuring them.

Indeed, even you can channel those blunders by seriousness and type. Likewise, this element will help you rescan your page to check that the mistakes are fixed effectively.

Backlink Checker: The backlink is consistently imperative for any page. You need a top-notch backlink to get higher positioning on the web crawler.

SheerSEO permits you to look at the nature of backlinks, for example, is it do follow or no follow?

Additionally, you can check the alluding domain, the domain authority of the backlink gives space, and that’s just the beginning. There are a lot more elements that make your SEO venture more powerful;

  • Analyze Backlinks.
  • Directory accommodation.
  • Google examination.
  • Google inquiry console.
  • Facebook and Twitter following.
  • Bloggers outreach.
  • Page advancement.
  • Mailed reports.
  • Indexed pages.
  • SEO contenders Analysis.
  • Summary.
  • Optimization targets.
  • Agency Account.
  • White name.
  • XML APL.
  • Keyword Density.

SheerSEO Pricing Plans: 

Use SheerSEO and feel that you are utilizing Semrush or Aherf for your SEO examination. SheerSEO accompanies four valuing plans;

Standard, Advance, Pro Thin, and Professional:

Standard Arrangement $10/mo:

  • The fundamentals.
  • 200 catchphrases.
  • CVS/pdf reports.
  • Traffic assessment.
  • Competitors examination.
  • Google inquiry console integ.
  • 10 traveler reports.
  • 2 site Audits.
  • 2000 pages slithered each month.
  • 20 Guarded Backlinks.
  • 2 advancement targets.
  • 10-page improvements.


High-level Arrangement $15/mo:

  • Everything standard plan highlights.
  • 400 watchwords.
  • 50 blog surveys.
  • 20 wayfarer reports.
  • 4 site Audits.
  • 10.000 pages slithered each month.
  • 100 monitored backlinks.
  • 2 poll now.
  • 10 advancement Targets.
  • 50-page advancements.


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Pro Thin $25/mo:

  • Everything high-level arrangement highlights.
  • 100 watchwords.
  • 100 blog audits.
  • competitors following.
  • 2,000 pages slithered each month.
  • 50 monitored backlinks.
  • 100 enhancement targets.
  • 100 pages enhancement.

SheerSEO Appsumo LIfetime Deal [$75]

Using SheerSEO, you can upgrade your SEO and monitor your high rivals with cutting-edge catchphrase research highlights. Likewise, you can check backlink quality affirmation, and site wellbeing observing is incorporated.

  1. lifetime admittance to SheerSEO standard arrangement.
  2. Everything Standard arrangement highlights.
  3. 1 space.
  4. 200 catchphrases.
  5. 10 pioneer reports each month.
  6. 2 sites review each month.
  7. 2,000 pages slithered each month.

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  • Continue with the same email id.
  • Get a $10 discount at the end.
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Let’s Finish

I believe that you enjoyed this article about SeerSEO. SheerSEO is the best SEO strategy for an e-commerce website. Get a SheerSEO lifetime Deal Now

N.B.: Most deals run out of stock within a week of arrival AppSumo. So take it now if you need it. And you visit an amazing deal of FunnelBolt amazing tool.


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SheerSEO software is the best SEO software solutions and it is built for business owners who are not professional SEOs

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