How Much Does ConvertKit Cost?

How Much Does ConvertKit Cost?

If you are new to email marketing then you heard about many email marketing tools. Hope you already know about ConvertKit. However, ConvertKit is one of the best email marketing tools available in the market.

When it comes to buying any kind of paid tool the first question a fresher will ask that how much does ConvertKit cost. As a result, we heard a lot of questions about how much does ConvertKit cost.


Above all ConvertKit will cost you little as zero-dollar. And it depends on the size of your email list. ConvertKit will offer you a feature-rich free forever plan for a 1000 subscriber list.

Convertkit has two paid plans. One is the creator plan which starts at 29$/month. The second is creator pro start at 59$/month. ConvertKit’s actual monthly cost will depend on your number of subscribers.

In addition, You will get a 2-month free subscription if you pay yearly. Now let’s see which plan will suit you and how much does ConvertKit will cost you. You can read more software reviews.

ConvertKit Creator Pack

Similarly, how much does ConvertKit cost when it comes to its creator pack? When you will get more than 1000 subscribers you will need to switch to a creator plan.

  1. You have to pay $29/per month for 1000 subscribers.
  2. $119/ month for 10,000 subscribers and $619/month for 95,000 subscribers.

Creator pack will offer you some great features to improve your marketing. Features of creator pack

Free Migration From Another Tool

It will offer you a free migration from another tool very easily. If you have any kind of email list on another service ConvertKit team will help you to transfer your list to ConvertKit.

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Moving email lists from one to another provider is a very time-consuming task. This feature will make this work very easy and simple.

Automated Funnels & Sequences

ConvertKit will offer you their automated funnels & sequences tool. You will get the ability to create and send automated sequences to your list.

They have a wide variety of sequences on their list. This sequence is very important for making a deep connection to the subscriber.

It is also very helpful for making sure that subscribers are getting the information they need when they need it.

This feature costs more than other email marketing services. So, we can tell that ConvertKit is giving this feature cheap compared to other providers

ConvertKit Pro Pack

the second most common question is, “how much does ConvertKit cost when it comes to its pro pack?”

ConvertKit has a very powerful pro version specially designed for a professional email marketer. It is a very useful and essential tool for advanced email marketers.

This pro version will take your email marketing to the moon. It has some very powerful and exceptional features which will help you in long run. The cost of its pro version also depends on the subscriber.

It will cost you 59$/month for 1000 subscribers. 167%/month for 10000. 807$/month for 95,000 subscribers. ConvertKit pro pack is packed with many features.

ConvertKit Pricing

ConvertKit Cost

Some Features Of ConvertKit are-

Facebook Custom Audiences: Pro pack will help you to directly integrate segments created inside of your ConvertKit directly to your Facebook custom audiences. This will give you an extra boost.

 ConvertKit Newsletter: It will give you a free spark loop account. this loop account will help you to create incentives. These incentives will make people recommend to their friends and family for signing up for your email list. This feature mainly works as an affiliate process. Because your subscribers will recommend people, they think are going to be suitable.

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Subscriber Scoring: This feature will inform you how your subscriber on our list is engaging with the content that you sent.

Deliverability Reports: The Deliverability Reports feature will inform you of the report of not just individual emails, but how broadcast and automated emails are. And it will also inform you that how they are being interacted with over time.

Changing Links: Changing Links is one of the most useful features in email marketing. This feature makes you capable of changing the destination of any link. You can also change the link after you sent it.

It usually comes in handy when you are running a discount campaign or short-time promotion.


  • Hope that you won’t ask “How much does ConvertKit?” cost after knowing its capability. In addition, the Pro pack will allow you to use some extraordinary features. It will make your email marketing very smooth, easy, and effective. It will save you money and give you a value for money service.
  • Moreover, ConvertKit is a value-for-money tool. You will not find any better deal if your list contains more than 1000 emails. ConvertKit is giving you everything that you need at a very reasonable price. It offers many features which cost more than other providers.

ConvertKit Free Account

There is no need to ask “how much does ConvertKit cost?” this time. ConvertKit will offer you a free service for up to 1000 subscribers. There are some limitations to this free plan but it works fine.

It will help you to build and understand your email list. A Free ConvertKit account will give you access to some pretty decent features like

  • Manage up to 1,000 subscribers
  • Unlimited landing pages & forms
  • Deliver Opt-In Incentives
  • Send email broadcasts
  • Sell digital products & subscriptions
  • Email support
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ConvertKit Affiliate

Finally, you have the chance to ask how much can you make from Convertkit not “How much does ConvertKit cost?” ConvertKit is very profitable for affiliate markets. In addition, it will give a 30% commission if someone signs up to ConvertKit through your affiliate link.

Moreover, you can earn around 8.70$ for one account of 1000 subscribers. You not only make money by selling ConvertKit.

It will also help newcomers to know about this amazing tool. Earning from ConvertKit affiliate is easy because its sells like hot cake.

Convertkit Jobs

ConvertKit is on a Nobel mission of helping creators earn $1B using their SaaS email marketing platform.

For this reason, they are looking for a VP of Engineering. You can check their website for more information about this job.

ConvertKit Landing Page

A landing page is a very important part of email marketing. With a well-designed landing page, you can start gathering interest and email addresses.

ConvertKit will allow you to create free landing pages easily. Even you don’t need to have a website to use this service. The main features of ConvertKit landing page are-

  • You don’t need any code.
  • You can build a landing page in a minute.
  • You can browse 100000+ images free from Unsplash.
  • All temples are fully responsive.
  • These landing pages will help you to stay connected with your subscribers.

How To Use ConvertKit Payment Options

You can buy ConvertKit by any bank card or bank transfer. However, if you want to sell your product on ConvertKit you have to set up a payment option for receiving your payments.

Firstly, you have to click the setup payments button on the products page. After that, you have to Indicate whether you are an individual or a company.

ConvertKit will ask you for some information. After giving the information you have to click next and you are all done. So, hope that now you are clear about how much Convertkit costs.

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