FlipLink.me All Features, Users, And Lifetime Deal

FlipLink.me All Features, Users, And Lifetime Deal

FlipLink is a software that allows you to create and track email marketing campaigns. If you are looking for a very simple campaign software. Then this is definitely for you. This tool can help you to increase your email open rates and click through rates.

If you are doing email marketing. And if you want to improve more. Then you should definitely read this article. From here you can know more about Fliplink.

So let’s get started.

What is FlipLink.me

FlipLink.me is a cloud based software. Which allows you to create, customize, and share interactive flip books from your PDFs. This software can help you to engage your audience. Improve your marketing efforts.

You can customize it with your own title, logo, and background. You can also add links, annotations, and other interactive elements to your flipbook.

Once you have customized your flipbook. You can share it with your followers or audience.  You can embed your flipbook on your website. Just share it as a link, or publish it on social media.

How It’s Works


FlipLink.me works by converting your PDF files into interactive flipbooks. 

Here are the details on how it works easily. 

First, you need to create an account. Then the dashboard will appear in front of you for your file. Select the PDF file you want to flipbooks. This time customize it as per your wish. Here you will find various tools. You can use them to make your file more attractive. Then when you have done all the sectors.  You can share it with everyone.

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Pros And Cons Using FlipLink.me

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Easy to use: FlipLink.me is a simple and easy to use tool that anyone can use. Even if you don’t have any Technology skills.

Customizable: You can customize your flip books with your own title. You can also add links, annotations, and other interactive elements to your flipbooks.

Shareable: You can share your flipbooks with your followers in a lot of ways. 

Affordable: This software offers a free plan and paid plans.

Cloud based: This uses a cloud based service to convert your PDF files into flipbooks. This means you can access your flipbooks from anywhere. 

Integrations: FlipLink.me also offers a lot of integrations with other popular tools. Such as WordPress, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel. tent.


Limited features: The free plan of this software is quite limited in terms of features. You can only create flipbooks with up to 10 pages. You cannot add any interactive elements.

No offline access: You cannot access your flipbooks offline.

No support for videos: This software does not support videos in flipbooks. This can be a limitation.

Important For User Business 

FlipLink can help to increase engagement with your audience. Making your PDFs more interactive and visually appealing. This can lead to more people reading your PDFs and taking the desired action. This software can help you to improve your marketing efforts. 

Making it easier to share your PDF link with your followers or audience. You can set your flipbooks on your website. Share them as links. This can help you to reach a lot of audiences and generate more leads.

Also, this can help you to enhance your branding. This can help to create a more professional and polished look for your PDFs.

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FlipLink.me Features

So far we have learned a lot about this. Learn what it is and how it works. Now let’s know about some of its features. 

So let’s get started.

100 Flipbooks: With the free plan of this. You can create up to 100 flipbooks. You can create a lot of flipbooks for different purposes.

150 MB limit per PDF: The free plan allows you to upload PDFs up to 150 MB in size.

Email support: FlipLink offers email support for all users. This means that you can contact this support if you have any questions or problems using the software.

Custom URL: With this free plan of this, you can  customize your flipbooks with your own custom URL. You can create a unique URL for each of your flipbooks. Which can help you to track their performance.

Branding options: This software allows you to customize your flipbooks with your own branding. You can add your logo, title, and background to your flip books.

100s of backgrounds:

This software offers a variety of backgrounds that you can use to customize your flipbooks. 

Control customization: This allows you to customize the controls on your flipbooks. You can choose which controls to show.

Password protection: This allows you to password-protect your flipbooks. This means that you can restrict access to your flipbooks to only those who know the password.

Lead capture forms: This software allows you to add lead capture forms to your flipbooks. This means that you can collect contact information from users who view your flipbooks.

Call to action button: Add a call to action button to your flipbooks. 

Advanced settings: FlipLink offers a variety of advanced settings that you can use to customize your flipbooks. This includes settings for things like page flipping speed, auto-play, and zoom.

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Embed in website: This software allows you to embed your flipbooks on your website. This means that you can easily share your flipbooks with your website visitors.

Right-to-left flip feature: This offers a right-to-left flip feature for users who read from right to left. This means that your flipbooks can be easily read by users in countries like Israel, Iran, and Arabic-speaking countries.

Vector text quality: This uses vector text quality, which means that your text will look sharp and clear, even when you zoom in.

Stacking info:

This software allows you to stack multiple flipbooks on top of each other. This means that you can create a more complex and interactive flipbook.

Saved Templates: Save templates for your flipbooks. This means that you can easily create new flip books based on your existing templates.

Background Music: Add background music to your flipbooks. 

Auto Flip: Set your flipbooks to auto-flip. Your flipbooks will automatically flip through the pages.

Language Change Options: Change the language of your flipbooks. This means that you can create flipbooks that can be easily read by users in different countries.

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Finally, Fliplink.me software is very important in your life. You can be a student, businessman, or freelancer. But this software will be useful to you all the time. Let’s hope you understand from this article that you need this software in some situations.

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