Clickmagick Cost and Review Get Your Tracking Software

Clickmagick Cost and Review Get Your Tracking Software

Clickmagick Cost And Review

Clickmagick is a tracking service that is a very Fair Cost and useful link management system for online marketers and it will optimize marketing efforts.

What Is Clickmagick?

Clickmagick is tracking software that will make your affiliate marketing more comprehensive and profitable. Clickmagick is designed by Patrick Kelly. It is designed in 2014 for optimizing traffic and website.

Clickmagick has many useful features which will help you to take your online business to another level. Clickmagick will cover all bases of your sales funnel.  Professional online business owners and marketers use click magic to optimize and improve their marketing efforts by monitoring and tracking their links and clicks.

Clickmagick Features-

Clickmagick is a very useful tool and it comes with more than a dozen features. The best Clickmagick features are-

Clickmagick has 3 very useful content-based features.

  1. Rotation Of Links: Clickmagick has a wonderful feature of link rotating. It will rotate links for marketers (affiliates) who split traffic to many links. it will allow you to configure more than one URL on landing page links under a single link, then it splits traffic to different pages.

   2. Split Testing: A/B testing is a very important thing for online marketers. Clickmagick has an intelligent split tester that will allow you to add many or single links and send users to pages so you can tell which converts better. The user only has to specify the percentage of traffic they desire to be sent to each of their pages/links and Clickmagick will do the rest of the work automatically. Clickmagick will show you the result at the end of the test. Clickmagick will show you the winner and have your traffic directed to the winner automatically. This feature will save you time and money.

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  3. Clickmagick Content Features(popup,bars,timer)

There are other features are-

      1. Magic pop: It will allow you to create popups and landing pages for your website. it will save your money from buying extra tools, plugins of software for creating popups.

     2. Magic bar: This feature will help you to add any type of bar (notification, promo, timers, etc)to your pages. There are many dedicated plugins and software available in the market for this but Clickmagick has this feature. HTML skills are needed to produce something enchanting.

     3. Count down timers: Putting a visitor in a state of FOMO (fear of missing out)by scarcity approach has been a great marketing tactic that has been proven to helped marketers drastically increase conversion rate.

4. Bot Filtering:

Fraudulent clicks from spiders and bots or by competitors are a huge problem for affiliate marketers. Fortunately, Clickmagick has a very powerful bot filtering tool. Clickmagick bot filtering feature filters and blocks bot and spammy clicks. You can also exclude malicious clicks from any pay per clicks advertising platform, a certain IP address, or location.

    5. Dynamic Sub-ID’s: Dynamic sub-IDs are a very useful and innovative feature of clickmagick. After placing a link of a single duct on different pages and sections of your website of sales funnel clickmagick will show you various metrics for each one of those links from its dashboard.

   6. Content Locking:

This feature is an underrated feature because most of the users of clickmagick do not know how to use this feature. it will allow you to force the traffic to give their email address, share on social media, or something to gain access to your content. This tactic works pretty well. Many marketers deploy this tactic on their website and it works like magic.

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   7. AD Retargeting: Ad retargeting is a special feature of clickmagick which you will hardly find on other link tracing software. Clickmagick will allow you to create and add custom tracking and retargeting pixel from a Facebook ad, google ad, Bing ads other ad networks and target those who click on your link. Retargeting is a great tool for more exposure and increases conversions to your offers.

   8. Geo-Targeting: This Geo-targeting will allow you to include or exclude certain countries which will help you to maintain pretty excellent visitor leads. Clickmagick also offers a mobile targeting option that will automatically send you mobile clicks to a separate link than the desktop clicks. This is a very useful feature for online business owners whose audiences are specific demographics.

Who Needs ClickMagick?

List of people who needs Clickmagick-

  • Affiliates
  • Blogger
  • Solo ad seller and buyer
  • E-commerce owner
  • Consultants, coaches, and infopreneurs

The Monthly Cost Of The ClickMagick

There are three monthly cost plans available for Clickmagick

  1. Starter plan –27$/month
  2. Stander plan – 67$/month
  3. Pro plan – 97$/month

Every plan comes with a 14 days trial version.

Clickmagick Cost and Review Get Your Tracking Software

Clickmagick Pros And Cons Cost Plan

Clickmagick link rotation feature will help its users for distributing traffic to different offers and quite advance conversion tracking. Track conversion without pixels when dealing with affiliates’ offers with its post-back URL functionality.

You can easily build links for your funnel with the Clickmagick funnel builder tool. Clickmagick offers you a batch editor feature to edit Clickmagick links in bulk. They have very good customer support.

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Clickmagick Cons Plan

  • The Cost of Clickmagick is a little high.
  • They need to make their interface a little more user-friendly.

FAG – Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. How does Clickmagick work?

Ans: Clickmagick will allow you to create tracking links and it will show you who clicked on your links.

       2. What is Clickmagick used for?

Ans: Clickmagick is a very useful and comprehensive link tracking tool that tracks your ads and focuses on where your most profitable clicks are coming from.

      3. Is Clickmagick worth the money?

Ans: It is well worth the money.

    4. Does Clickmagick have a trial version?

Ans: Yes, it has a 14 days trial version.

Conclusion: Clickmagick is a very popular tool among affiliate marketers. Clickmagick is a smart tool and it goes beyond expectations. It will save you some bucks by reducing some paid tools. If you are related to online marketing then you should invest in Clickmagick.

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