Best Facebook Ads Spy Tools Review In 2023

Facebook Ads Spy Tools

Why are used Facebook ads spy tools?

Are you want competitor analysis for your business?

How it will help to identify new opportunities in your niche?

How can this ads tool help you to create winning campaigns for your offer?

New affiliates often ask about which Facebook ads spy tools are killing it in their niche. And they also want to know about how to get high converting social traffic to their offers at a low cost per click.

Hi, Affiliate or CPA  marketer. I am Mijanur Rahman. Here, I will discuss Facebook ads spy tools that are the best idea for Affiliate or CPA  marketing Competitor analysis. You can also read Best AI Content Generator Tools: Lifetime deals

Overview of Facebook Ads Spy Tools

We all know that Facebook ads have a long history from the beginning of Facebook on November 6, 2007, Facebook ads started. Since then Facebook ads become an advertising powerhouse for brands and online marketers.

From 2007 there have been many changes to mention. People can now select from numerous types of campaigns, targeting options, audience placement, and formats when creating their campaigns.

Facebook ads are a highly sought-after and competitive landscape for merchants and affiliates.

For this reason, Facebook is no longer the cheapest source of traffic that one can buy, but it is one of the favorite platforms to many CPA affiliates due to its precise targeting options and insanely high ROI.

There Are Many Ways One Can Go About This.

  1. One can set a budget per campaign. And test every available combination of camping objectives, targeting options creatives, ad copy, and placements. Anyone found to see what’s working in their niche.
  2. Use Facebook ads spy tools to save unlimited time and money.

What Is Ad Spy Tools?

People believe that they can simply copy and paste their competitor’s campaign and make a quick buck. It will work for a couple of days but it will not help them to get ahead in the long run. This kind of work is more likely to turn people off than increase seals to whatever that is they are tiring to promote.

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Facebook ad spy tools are special kinds of tools designed to show one exactly what their competitors are doing. And how they are using social ads successfully to improve seals in their business. It helps someone to replicate their competitor’s success and stand out as the best option for their target audience. This is what Facebook ad spy tools are and if someone uses them wisely they can eventually make it into the big league.

Advantages of Using Ads Spy Tools:

Facebook ad spy tools are very helpful to gain perspective over the whole advertising landscape. It will give a new level of understanding and awareness about what is going on. One can easily follow their competitor’s campaign to know about which landing pages.

Anyone also knows about what their competitor’s sell page copy looks like and opportunities to access the quality of their products and customer service. One can know about what’s working long term and what’s trending right now.

This kind of information is very helpful to create unique campaigns that established a unique position within the marketplace. Reverse engineering capabilities of competitors’ campaigns is a very good way for shortcut-cut way for success and this will help to discover new offers and opportunities.


List of the best Facebook ad spy tools-

1. Minea

Minea: Your Ultimate Product Search Tool

Dropshipping and E-commerce can be difficult, especially when you don’t have the right tools or strategies to find a winning product. However, there is a wide range of research tools that you can use to find the right product.

It is not always easy to choose the best option. This article introduces Minea which is one of today’s most useful product research tools. Let’s explore Minea. Read more

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2. Dropispy

Dropispy – The Adspy Tool That Revolutionized E-commerce

Dropshippers, e-merchants, and other businesses increasingly use Adspy tools for spying on social media ads. It can be hard to choose which Adspy tool to use, as there are so many available. Dropispy is preferred by many users because it has many useful features at a low price.

Dropispy helps you monitor advertisements on social media and eases your daily life as an e-merchant or dropshipper. Adspy tools such as Dropispy can be used to track the actions of dropshipping stores.

You can therefore create a winning strategy. Dropispy will help you outshine your competitors. It allows you to find the best-performing products and stay on top of the latest trends. Read more

3. PowerAdspy


PowerAdspy wants everyone to grow their business. Simple and affordable pricing as per your requirements with 8 Social Media Platforms Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Native, GDN, Reddit, and Quora. This is a Free/paid Ad spy tool that is extremely effective and it has many features like-

      a. It gives a detailed breakdown of each creative, along with the landing page URL.

      b. One can see the date last seen, social engagement, and targeting options.

     c. It is helpful to spy on google ads, google display, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Quora, native ads.

     d. Many extremely useful filters which refine the search parameters and get which are super relevant for the campaign

4. Anstrex

Anstrex Pricing

Asterix is a comprehensive ad intelligence program to spy on push and native ads. This tool is capable of unlocking tons of traffic sources, affiliate networks, and ad formats which is very helpful for a successful campaign.

Asterix has some excellent filters which are capable to uncover competitors winning strategies. Users can quickly download and edit any landing page in a few minutes by using this tool. It is an all-in-one tool that can spy on all aspects of competitors’ marketers and affiliates like this tool very much because of its lots of features. You can read more here.

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5. BigSpy

The BigSpy ad spy tool is one of the free ad spy tools available in the market. It’s for beginners who don’t have the budget to invest in competitive intelligence research tools. This is a very helpful tool and works nicely for a beginner. One can search by marketing objectives and CTA, plus find the top and trending creatives in their market.

6. SocialAdScout

SocialAdScout is one of the best ad spy tools and it cost around 147 dollars per month. The key features of this ad spy tool are it offers great targeting options which are very helpful. One can apply many filters to their searches.

People can also interact within the search results pages with the help of detailed targeting options and live creatives. This ad spy tool has real-time updates to an impressive list of millions of ads in 21 countries which includes both desktop and mobile ads along with any format one can imagine.

  SocialAdScout ad spy tool has the ability to search by redirects, so users can target tracing software like volume to spy on affiliates campaigns It also allows users to download landing pages, making this ad spy tool comparable with top competitors on the list.

  ⇒ This ad spy tool is a perfect solution for online marketers who want to find as much detail as possible on the segmentation and targeting options of their competitors. It also provides a detailed breakdown of audience targeting demographics which is very helpful for running a successful Facebook ad campaign.

7. Socialpeta

Socialpeta is an add spy tool that has a huge database of has 200M+ creatives across many different industries. This ad spy tool has over 1000000 playable ads which will help users to find trending creatives in seconds.

There are also some impressive intelligence stats including downloads and revenues for up to 60 days along with regional data for countries. Socialpeta is very helpful for brand analysis and one can uncover top brands and analyze their influence across social media channels. It also offers app store analysis for over 5000 apps and tends keyword and bidding statistics for campaigns. This tool is relatively cheap compared to other ad spy tools.

8. Socialpilot

Details coming soon…..

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