Anstrex Pricing And Best Spy Tools Review

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex Spy Tools Pricing And Review

Anstrex is an Ad Spy tool that is specially designed for online advertisers. Anstrex is also useful for performance marketers. It will provide its user with data on their competitor’s online advertising. it will also provide marketing campaigns data. Anstrx is a very popular ad spy tool. Anstrex has over 15 million ads from 50k+ advertisers spread in 92 countries. Data analytics tools are the best tool available in the market. Anstrex pricing is very competitive and Anstrex spy tools are one of the best.

What Is Anstrex?

Anstrex is an Ad Spy tool for online marketers. It provides data on competitors’ online advertising and marketing campaigns. Anstrex is a tool that is essential for affiliates, and performance marketers. It is also essential for brand advertisers. Drop shippers, and content creators also need Anstrex. Anstrex will unlock competitors marketing strategies for you. which will help you improve RIO. It will find and analyze native ad campaigns as well as push notification ads for you. Anstrex pricing is also very low and Anstrex spy tools are very useful.

Anstrex Pricing

Anstrex Pricing And Best Spy Tools Review

Two different plans offer Anstrex-

  • Push only plan 89.99$/month
  • Push+native plan 139.99$/month

Anstrex will give you 2 day of money-back guarantee with every plan

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Anstrex Pros And Cons


  • Anstrex is user-friendly
  • Anstrex has an intuitive dashboard
  • It will give you 100%money back guarantee .
  • It has a quick landing page creator.
  • Anstrex has a free door shipping chrome extension.
  • Give you a lifetime discount.
  • A flexible pricing
  • It operates in more than 100 countries


  • Anstrex curve learning is complicated.
  • There is no trial version available

Anstrex Feature

Anstrex is well known for its reliable marketing analysis and competitor marketing tool. Thanks to its very useful and effective feature list. Anstrex workers work constantly to keep up with consumer trends. Also to grow the platform’s database. There are many useful features Anstrex will offer to its user. One of its basic features is Anstrex pricing and Anstrex spy tools. Some most useful features of Anstrex are-

Huge Number of Traffic Sources

Traffic source plays a big role in the performance of a campaign. Anstrex will save you time and effort in guessing and testing all possible alternatives. Instead, it will allow you to analyze traffic from 65 ad networks. Which are specialized in native ads and push notifications. That means billions of interactions per week. And all this will be reported to the platform. It will be presented to the users in real time. Anstrex will show you traffic from 27 different networks. it will also show a whopping 38 push notification networks.

Dozens Of Regions and GEOs

Anstrex will allow you to check, collect and analyze information from different regions. Anstrex supports 64 countries for native advertising. Also a whopping 92 regions for push notifications. For that, we can tell that Anstrex is one of the most comprehensive databases. supported by an initiative infrastructure. Anstrex region list contains some of the most popular GEOs. like us, the UK, Australia, South Africa, and Switzerland. A collection of countries in the European Union. United Arab Emirates, Japan, and other profitable country.

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Large Amount Of Data Available At Your Fingertips

Anstrex is designed to parse large volumes of information accurately and quickly. The team behind Anstrex plays a key role to increase the size of their database. By adding more networks to their list regularly. You will have the facility of unlimited searches through Anstrex. Anstrex has powerful integrations. which allows it to provide a more holistic view of where competitors are getting their traffic from.

Filter And Sorting Alternatives

If you want to stay ahead of your competitor you will have to study general industry trends. In this case, Anstrex has a very powerful feature called sorting and filtering. which will save you time. This feature is very useful. This feature will help you to weed out irrelevant competitors. This will make sure that you are getting specific data or industry, offer, or competitor.

Keyword Research Tool

The keyword research tool is also known as a marketing intelligence tool. The keyword is a very important part of a successful campaign. A powerful keyword research tool that provides volumes. As well as other details, is a basic need for affiliate marketers. Anstrex is also has a powerful keyword research tool that provides conventional metrics. while providing details about which and how competitors are using different terms in their campaigns.

Advanced Search Features With Custom Alerts

Anstrex has more than 15 million ads. The users can browse those ads based on categories. They can also take the help of Anstrex powerful search feature to narrow down the options available. This feature is very easy to use. The user only has to search for the industry, advertiser, or any other term. which helps to narrow down the search and show them relevant results. After identifying the top competitors. The user doesn’t have to conduct a manual search every time to see what updates they put in place. The user can set up an alerts system on competitors. which means the user will receive a notification. whenever certain affiliates in their industry make changes to their campaigns.

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Competitor Content Downloader

Observing and learning from a competitor is the key to success. This strategy will save you a huge amount of money and effort to test out everything for yourself. Anstrex offers you a content downloader feature. That will help you to download your competitors’ ads. which will help you to break down competitors’ ads and every single element they use. At your disposal within minutes.

Powerful HTML Editor For Easy Code Editing

Anstrex will allow you to create Landing pages and pre-landers easily. with the help of its landing page creator tool. You can develop your landing pages easily and effectively. with its powerful HTML editor and code editing feature.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

  1. Anstrex is free?

Ans: Yes.

     2. Anstrex Has A Trial Version?

Ans: Yes.

     3. Is Anstrex Is Good?

Yes. It is one of the most powerful ad spy tools available in the market.

    4. How Many Ads Anstrex Have?

Ans: Anstrex has more than 10 million ads.


Conclusion: Anstrex is one of the most advanced, trusted, reliable, and user-friendly ad spy tools. It is very popular among affiliate marketers for its very useful performance. Its pricing is comparatively cheap. It Has over 10 million native ads published across 100+ countries. which no other tool in the market can deliver. Anstrex price is reasonable and Anstrex spy tools are the best. so it is recommended to use Anstrex for spying opponents.

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